The Bride to Christ

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17 March 2021 Worship

Seeing myself (Written 19 Feb 2021)

I was certain I was born
to be an adventurer, a hero, a warrior.
The day would come that God would use me
to change the world, 
to change people’s hearts,
to point them to their Saviour.

I was born to be spectacular,
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31 March 2021 Worship

Grateful (7 Apr 2017)

My dull mind, the thought penetrates -
it is God's hand at work
when I wake in a new day,
with no trauma or crime,
no crushing crisis that
overnight has come my way.
I am aware I may wake,
with my life turned upsid...
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02 April 2021 Worship

Weary words of praise (21 Feb 2021)

Father God,
thank you.
The sun rose again,
I am alive
and You live in me.
But Father,
I don’t know 
what to pray.

For healing?
For provision?
For a miracle?
For You!

God, I am desperate,...
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19 April 2021 Worship

Is this Your way?

Early morning I open the door.
Four Hadeda’s take flight.
I gasp and stare after them,
my heart beating from the fright.

I sense a difficult day ahead,
so extra prayers I say.
Still, I am attacked!
“Lord, is this Your wa...
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25 April 2021 Worship

Grateful for a grey day

I open the door
to a grey sky
I’m filled with awe -
You are near!
“The storm clouds are My chariot”,
in my soul, I hear.

Grey skies I used to dread.
But not anymore.
Thank you, Lord, in stormy days,
You have taught...
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03 May 2021 Worship

A good-bad day

In my inbox, two emails -
a problem I can’t solve, but must.
Instantly I’m off the rails,
yet You whisper, “Trust!”

My lips, an angel guards.
Your Spirit guides my mind
through flaming enemy darts
to a solution, I couldn...
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15 May 2021 Worship

More and more

You open my eyes,
more and more.
I see Your hand in my life,
more and more.
I recognize your guidance,
more and more.

You are here with me -
tangibly present in my life,
active all the time, 
You are working o...
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13 June 2021 Worship

Be vigilant

Father, I was terrorized in my sleep
with dreams of robbers, and wars
that filled me with dread.
But the first rays of morning light,
washed away the memories
of my fear and of the fight.

The birds' song is chirpy, so joyfu...