Along my journey with Christ, I often struggled to discern his voice. That, in turn, made me doubt if I was saved. Because didn’t Jesus say, his sheep know his voice? 
At a time I asked Jesus, “Lord, why can’t I clearly distinguish Your voice, from others?”
He answered, “I have given you the whole recording of My voice, but you have not yet listened to it all. Read your Bible.” 
After that conversation, I understood that I can only get to know God’s voice, his personality, and character, by eating his written Word. And so I did.

Faithfully, the Lord shone his light onto the pages of the Bible and brought to life the words. Through the Holy Spirit, He released bursts of understanding in my heart, and it is those insights, I share with you, here.

It has been my experience that the Word is indeed alive. Thus the insights I gain, over time mature. The vague outlines I see at first, evolve into beautiful images, sometimes quite different from what the outlines hinted at. With that in mind, I share my insights with you, expecting that what I understand now, will continue to grow, within my own heart, and also in yours.

May God use these teachings to encourage you to dive deeper into your Bible, may He release revelation, insight, and understanding in your heart, and lead you to maturity in faith.

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25 March 2021 Insights

The cross of Christ (Written 24 Nov 2017)

The cross tells of a God who is love; who loves us to death and into eternity.

Most rulers of this world live in luxury, want to be served, oppress their subjects, and seldom pardon someone’s debt.

Jesus left his throne, humbled hi...
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30 March 2021 Insights

Forgiveness (Written 26 Jan 2016)

True forgiveness escapes me. Time after time I decide to forgive, yet my heart remains in shreds. Something or someone triggers those painful memories. I seethe with anger, sometimes explode. When my rage finally subsides, I fall apart. Why? I t...
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31 March 2021 Insights

The Kingdom of Heaven (17 Nov 2016)

One morning, I prayed, “Lord, please show me an image of heaven.”
A vision, of Jesus, hanging on a cross flashed before my eyes. And then, understanding dawned in my heart.
Heaven is a kingdom ruled by a King who loves his people so much,...
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25 April 2021 Insights

Keys of the Kingdom

Often along my journey with Christ, I have wondered how to share the gift He has given me, clearly and understandably. It troubled me that I couldn’t verbalize what was in my heart. Because how will anyone know the tune that is being played if t...
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09 May 2021 Insights

Philippians 1A: A series of reflection on scripture

Paul wrote his letter to the church in Philippi, while he was in prison. Seeing that all of us are at this time imprisoned in one way or the other – by the global pandemic, the COVID-19 lockdown, fear, illness, poverty (I through ill-health and...
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15 May 2021 Insights

Philippians 1C: A series of reflection on scripture

Follow from the beginning:
Read part 1A first

Chapter 1:20-30 

Php 1:28 - Don't be afr...
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24 May 2021 Insights

Philippians 2: A series of reflection on scripture

Follow from the beginning

Chapter 2
Php 2:3-4>Don't do an...
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30 May 2021 Insights

Philippians 3: A series of reflection on scripture

To follow from the beginning
Read part 1A first    

In context
Along my Christian...